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Leaving a Legacy of Hope.

Liz Murray has been involved with Hope for Tomorrow since before the start of our partnership with United Lincolnshire NHS Trust. Before retiring, Liz was a consultant oncologist who, with her colleagues, started to look at how they could expand their cancer care treatments given that the region is so rural. Liz remembers consulting with patients and everyone was interested in mobile care from the start: 

‘Elaine’, the mobile cancer care unit serving Lincolnshire was launched in May 2014. Liz had just retired and had asked for donations towards Hope for Tomorrow and the running of the Unit in lieu of a retirement present. An amazing £1,600 was donated and this is where Liz’s association with Hope for Tomorrow started.  

Liz has seen first-hand the difference Hope for Tomorrow makes and really believes in the impact we have on patients’ lives. Having driven many times between the hospitals in the area Liz knows the distance involved and how difficult this can make life for patients. 

Liz told us: 

“Lincolnshire has just 47 miles of dual carriageway and no motorway. Trying to get between any of the cities is at least an hour, especially if you’re on the coast. People find it really difficult to get around – in my experience patients would arrive early for appointments just so they can find a car parking space, then with inevitable delays, their treatment takes all day.” 

Liz is utterly committed to the concept of Hope for Tomorrow and we really do appreciate her support. Not only does she volunteer and speak to community groups on our behalf, she also makes a monthly donation and has made the decision to leave a gift in her will. 

As Liz told us “I am absolutely sold on the idea of wills.  People fondly assume that their family will get the money when they die even without a will, or that their “common-law” partner will inherit as a spouse, but this isn’t automatically the case.” 

“A will saves all the arguments about “he wanted to support the allotment association” “no he didn’t, he’d fallen out with them” and vice versa.”  

“My Dad’s will made it very straightforward to sort out his estate when he died (I was his Executor).”   

Knowing the difference Hope for Tomorrow makes on patients’ lives, Liz was happy to leave a gift in her will. 

“It’s a way for me to make a difference and support people living with cancer even when I’m gone” she says. 

“Knowing how cancer treatment can make you feel, to try and travel 1.5hrs each way is just incomprehensible. Chemotherapy causes sheer fatigue – it’s like someone has taken your batteries out – you can’t think, you can’t move, you’re just done in – and the nausea doesn’t help.” 

“This is why I’ve chosen to leave a gift in my will to Hope for Tomorrow.” 

“I know the impact mobile cancer care has on patients – they save time and therefore the stress of hassle of getting to hospital. It’s the quality of care which makes an immense difference for patients.” 

Regardless of size, a gift in your will is an incredible way of helping future generations. Will you join Liz and leave a legacy of hope for people living with cancer? 

We understand your family, friends and loved ones come first, and rightly so.  

What we do ask is, once you have accounted for your family and friends, will you consider leaving a gift to Hope for Tomorrow to help cancer patients receive the treatment they need, where they need it? 

We’re ever so grateful to everyone who supports Hope for Tomorrow to deliver mobile cancer care. Leaving a gift in your will is a way you can support people living with cancer long into the future. If you have any questions or would like some more information about how you can leave a gift to Hope for Tomorrow in your will, visit or contact Jane Turner on 01666 505055 or

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