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Hope for Tomorrow at SBK Events in Birmingham

Calling all medical professionals; On Wednesday 4th July, we will be presenting at the SBK ‘Using Ambulatory Care to Expand Chemotherapy Delivery’ Event at Birmingham Football City Ground.

Click here for further details and use the code HOPE105 for £105 off of the full price to attend

What is it about?

Confront your capacity challenges with this forward-looking conference that will bring case study examples of delivering chemotherapy in an ambulatory setting, in the community, closer to home, in a mobile unit and even in the home. By tackling recruitment, finance, safety and sustainability, this practical conference will help you map your provision, identify how to improve your capacity and drive forward viable approaches to meet patient needs and expand your chemotherapy service.

Why should you attend?

Take one day out to discover how chemotherapy services from across the country are developing their outpatient and ambulatory services. This is a great opportunity for you to identify how to make your chemotherapy service more accessible to patients, attractive to nurses and as close to home as possible.

Key learning outcomes

Take away a practical approach to drive forward advances in your chemotherapy service:

  • Transforming chemotherapy service delivery: strategic advice on mapping the variation in provision and expanding chemotherapy into the community
  • Practicalities of expanding your service: tackling recruitment, safety and sustainability challenges to deliver chemotherapy in the best location
  • Different service models investigated: delivering ambulatory care in the hospital or home, developing community nursing and establishing a chemotherapy unit
  • Viable approaches to providing chemotherapy in the community: getting your questions answered and putting an action plan into place to deliver care closer to home 

Click here for further details. Don’t forget to use the discount code HOPE105 for £105 off of the full price to attend.

£5 of your booking fee will be donated to Hope for Tomorrow.

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