Recycle Your Clothes and Raise Money for Hope for Tomorrow

Posted by Rachel Lee

The production of clothing and textiles is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. Fortunately for us, recycling these textiles is much easier and less wasteful than creating them. We’ve made it even more convenient for you to recycle your unwanted clothes by partnering with the Textile Recycling International to bring clothes recycling banks into the communities so that people like you can drop off any clothes, shoes, towels, bedding, curtains and so on, that you no longer want.

These items might normally be placed in your recycling bin at home, but when you use one of our clothes recycling bins, you will be making a conscious effort to recycle whilst making a contribution to Hope for Tomorrow.

When visiting a clothes bank, you can deposit the following (need to be clean, dry and bagged):

  • All types of clothing, from coats and jackets to nightwear, underwear and socks. It can be of any size, for adults or children.
  • Shoes, boots, sandals, trainers and pumps, as long as they are in a pair.
  • Various accessories like handbags, hats, scarves, gloves and belts.
  • Household textiles, including bed linen, towels and light curtains.

What happens to your clothes when they’re recycled?

Warehouse teams organise and repackage the items accordingly ready to be distributed, then resold into shops and markets across the UK, Africa, Asia, Far East and Europe

Recycling clothes and redistributing them in this way reduces the demand for new clothing. Hope for Tomorrow receive £250 for every tonne of clothing that is donated to the banks.

Click for the full list of Hope for Tomorrow Clothes Banks

Next time you have a wardrobe sort out, please consider dropping your clothes off at one of our clothes banks or contact us to find out more if not in your location.

Donate your unwanted items and help us Keep the Wheels Turning for cancer patients.