Reusable Face Shields


The face shields cover your face from the forehead to the chin. They are roomy enough to fit any masks or eyewear comfortably under them – without blocking your vision.  The face shields are flat packed with easy assembly instructions, once you receive them, clean with a soft cloth or mild soap/ detergent and water before your first use.


Product Description

Face Shields

Product details about the face shields

  •  They are re-usable after being washed in warm soapy water
  •  The blue plastic headband can be marked with the name of the user.
  •  The face shields are made from plastic frames and PVC or PET 200-300 micron shield secured to frames by end
  •  Should the actual face visor be damaged it can be replaced
  •  There is an Easy Assembly Guide included with purchase

Please note, the face shields are not produced to NHS or Public Health England standards or in a controlled environment but in a standard manufacturing environment  


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