Our NHS Partnerships

We have been working in a unique partnership with the NHS since the launch of our first Mobile Cancer Care Unit (previously Mobile Chemotherapy Unit) in Gloucestershire in 2007. Since then we have partnered with a number of NHS Trusts all over the country to bring cancer care closer to patients’ homes.

How the partnership works

We maintain ownership of the MCCUs along with the Nurses Support Vehicles (NSV) throughout the partnership agreement. We service, tax and keep the vehicles road worthy and safe while the NHS staff, operate, insure and fuel the vehicles.

Our MCCUs visit different locations each day for patient treatments visiting but not limited to supermarkets, sports clubs and community hospitals. These locations are chosen by the Trust based on patient needs in each specific area. The treatments on board the MCCUs vary from Trust to Trust but they all have the same focus, to not only bring cancer care closer to patients’ homes but to also reduce the miles patients have to travel, the associated parking costs and waiting times for treatment, as well as helping to ease capacity challenges at hospital trusts.

We are currently partnered with:




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