Louise Doolan

Louise Doolan was a patient on our Somerset Mobile Chemotherapy Unit ‘Bumble’, and worked tirelessly to help raise money for, and the profile of Hope for Tomorrow. Louise was a young mother, who was a talented performer, and a member of ‘Bucks Fizz’ during the late 1990’s.

In Louise’s own words, “I was told of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) and I hoped I could use it. It came to where I lived and it would mean so much to me to have more time at home than at hospital. I had 3 sessions on the Unit and wished I could’ve had more. Unfortunately my treatment required me to have the other 4 at the Oncology Centre.

I enjoyed going to the MCU, strange to enjoy it I know, but it meant so much. I was able to have a sensible time for my appointment, which meant I could take my son to nursery and literally be driven round the corner straight to the MCU. It was bright, clean and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting Dick the driver, and chatting with him and having a laugh. The nurses were great as always.

One lady who came for treatment only needed an injection and I thought then how great the MCU is. Imagine having to do a 50 mile trip for that. I always brought cake and biscuits to share, not that I needed to as biscuits and tea were always supplied. The experience on the Unit let me have ‘something normal’ during something that wasn’t. I was on home ground in an area I felt comfortable in. I wasn’t surrounded by lots of patients having chemo, which I must say freaked me out a bit at the Oncology Centre. I love what Hope for Tomorrow gave me and I hope a Mobile Chemotherapy Unit can be in every county for everyone who needs it. Thank you!”

Louise was posthumously awarded a Hope for Tomorrow Ambassadorship in 2015 – her daughter Leah and son Harry, received the award on Louise’s behalf, from HRH The Princess Royal, at Cheltenham General Hospital.

On hearing of the posthumous Ambassador award, Louise’s husband Paul said, “It is a source of great pride to both myself and Louise’s parents for her to be acknowledged in this way, and I know that Louise would be delighted to receive the recognition. She faced her tragic situation with great fortitude and bravery, and it will be a wonderful thing for our children to see the esteem in which she is held.”


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