Diana Rose

Diana has done so much for our charity. Being an artist herself, she went into Christine’s Gallery and picked up information on Hope for Tomorrow whilst there. This was in 2012, and she was being treated on board our Gloucestershire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, ‘Helen’, for cancer at the time.

Diana visited the Hope for Tomorrow office, and radiated strength and warmth. Whilst visiting, she donated a stunning painting called ‘Seychelles Paradise’, which was auctioned at our Annual Charity Polo Day, raising £600!

Since then, Diana has been a bit of a Hope for Tomorrow ‘media star’, participating in our new DVD, and a photo shoot for some charity leaflets. Whilst receiving treatment on board our MCU, she drew some images on her iPad, which we hope in the future to turn into postcards, and sell through our website. They are extraordinary to look at, and really depict how she saw cancer when she was undergoing treatment.

“I was honoured to accept the Ambassadorship with Hope for Tomorrow because during my treatment for breast cancer, using the MCU [Mobile Chemotherapy Unit], literally changed my outlook. I was beginning to be bogged down by all the travelling to Cheltenham Hospital, until I had the opportunity to simply travel to my nearest town and have my treatment promptly in an airy bright Unit with friendly staff.

I feel that Hope for Tomorrow is a Charity which puts the cancer patient in a happy position of relative ease and comfort, instead of the obvious drawbacks of visiting a large Oncology wing at a busy main hospital. All this gives you more free time to spend with family and friends.”

Diana received her Ambassador award from Lord MacLaurin, during a ceremony held in October 2014.

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