It is an exciting time for us here at Hope for Tomorrow as our charity is growing at such a rapid pace!
With this in mind, we need to continue with our appeals for fundraising and donations which go towards to our ongoing projects. For our supporters, we understand how important it is to not only let you know exactly where your money is going when you make a donation, but to be able to give you the choice of what you would like to contribute towards.

We have a number of appeals in motion at the moment so take a look below:

Mobile Chemotherapy Unit Project Appeal

Help us to keep the wheels turning on our Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) Project today. This appeal is to help continue the fundraising for building and maintaining our MCUs along with contributing to other areas of the charity.
We are currently fundraising to bring our eleventh MCU into action and, as a charity, we are reliant on our supporters to help us to raise the necessary funds to not only launch these new MCUs, but to keep our currently operating fleet on the road, helping relieve some of the stresses and strains experienced by cancer patients.
Each bespoke state of the art MCU costs £260,000 to build and launch.
As well as the MCU itself, we also provide a Nurses Support Vehicle (as pictured above) to each NHS Trust Partner, which allows the nursing teams to travel to and from the daily location of the Unit, along with any additional supplies or equipment that’s required. This is an additional cost to the charity in which funding needs to be available for.

Unrestricted funding

Continuity of service is of the highest importance to both Hope for Tomorrow and the patients receiving their cancer treatment on board our MCUs and as such it is imperative that we offer a dependable and effective service.  This involves ongoing contract and fleet management, relationship management of our NHS Partners, as well as organisational elements such as growth planning and administrative requirements.  With ever increasing call for chemotherapy treatments across the UK alongside growing demand from NHS Trusts to develop partnerships with Hope for Tomorrow, our Units will continue to be needed to help bring cancer treatment closer to patient’s homes.

Vital to the success of our charity is our efficient management of our fleet which includes 23 vehicles (MCUs and NSVs) and meeting the needs of our NHS partners in terms of maintenance and repairs. It is for this part of our Mobile Chemotherapy Unit project for which we seek funding in the form of the post of Operations Co-ordinator.  This post is a full time role (35 hours per week) and pays £*** per annum, the responsibilities include:

• To provide efficient, effective administrative and co-ordination support to the Operations team.

• Creation/improvement /maintenance of the filing system, ensuring records are up to date and accurate.

• To ensure maintenance of vehicle files and Purchase Orders for payment are authorised.

• Assist with the management of contracts and the sourcing of information from stakeholders.

• To deal with queries by telephone, email and letter, in a professional manner.

• Accurate maintenance of the Charity database from an Operations perspective.

• To assist in the collection of data from NHS Trusts and other Partners, for the preparation of reports, and to maintain the Charity’s records.

We rely solely on voluntary funding and seek this by means of community and corporate funding, high profile events, major donors and through applications to Charitable Trusts and Foundations.  We receive no statutory funding. 

Gloucestershire Appeal

As we work towards our goal of a Unit in every county in the UK, we need an additional reserve vehicle so that during maintenance, patient treatment can continue uninterrupted.  ‘Helen’ our Gloucestershire Unit is the oldest in the fleet and our flagship as we were founded in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.  We will replace her with the new G2 vehicle which incorporates changes and improvements suggested by NHS staff and patients.  ‘Helen’ mark 1 is going into a graceful retirement where she will serve as an additional reserve vehicle for the national project. 

We have raised over 60% of the £247,500 needed and are working hard to raise the total in time for ‘Helen’ and the Charity’s 10th Anniversary on 14th February 2017.  To help by making a donation to our appeal, please call on 01666 505055, or visit our website and click ‘donate’ on the top right of the home page; 

Care Miles Appeal

The project for which we are seeking funding is ‘Care Miles’ which we launched in the Big Give Christmas Challenge in December 2013.  Care Miles will be dedicated to the maintenance and support of our MCUs and is part of our strategy for sustaining the growing fleet which delivers our mission to bring cancer treatment closer to home.

Our project aim is to underpin the costs of keeping these MCU’s on the road. A key part of this is the 12 weekly inspections of the chassis and 24 hour maintenance cover for the NHS. Our maintenance company provides a client management and repair service directly to the NHS for any problems that occur with body of the MCU.  We have factored in an approximate amount to cover any repairs that might need to be made.  They also provide driver training and familiarisation with the MCU.

Also capital costs can vary between Units but could include costs for upgrade, equipment, and fixtures, fittings (eg. treatment chairs). The Care Miles project is integral to the sustainability and future of our service with the aim to broaden our coverage.

**Do we put costings in etc?**

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