Bumble’s New Body Appeal

Posted on by Hope for Tomorrow

In July 2017, we launched an appeal to fundraise for a new body for ‘Bumble’, our Somerset
Mobile Cancer Care Unit (MCCU). ‘Bumble’ has been bringing cancer care closer to patients’ homes around the county, easing pressure on local NHS Oncology Departments, for over eight years.
After saving patients over 360,000 miles and more than 32,000 hours, she needs a new body!

‘Bumble’ visits places where cancer care is needed most; she provides chemotherapy and other vital cancer services in the Tesco car park in Chard for example, or outside Minehead Hospital, West Mendip Hospital or Bridgwater Hospital.

Please help us to raise £150,000 to build a new body!

Listen to our Somerset patient, Hilary May, speak about her time on ‘Bumble’ and how it benefited her whilst going through treatment: Video 

Did you know…

‘Bumble’ was launched in Somerset in December 2010 by charity Patrons Sir Stirling Moss OBE and Lady Moss.

‘Bumble’ was named after Lady Moss’ mother who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer.

Since the launch of ‘Bumble’, she has saved patients over 360,000 miles and over 32,000 miles, with over 8000 treatments administered. 

We will keep the existing chassis which is in good condition, take off the old body and build a new one which will take approx. 12 weeks.

We will provide the Somerset medical team with one of our reserve vehicles whilst work is being carried out so we can ensure continuity of service to patients.

“The friendliness of the staff and drivers who have made my visits comfortable and have instilled a sense of community for those of us undergoing treatment. Also the fact that the bus comes to me rather than me having to travel” Somerset MCCU Patient.

Please click on the donate button at the top of this page to make a contribution, or visit our Just Giving appeal page and help us to raise the £150,000 so ‘Bumble’ can continue to bring cancer care closer to patients’ homes.

We are raising funds to buy ‘Bumble’s’ new body. If for any reason we can’t buy the new body, or there are surplus funds left over following the purchase of the new body, we will use the money to keep the wheels turning across our fleet of Mobile Cancer Care Units. Thank you for your support.

Please don’t forget to Gift Aid when you donate. By adding Gift Aid to your donation, we will receive an additional 25p for every £1 donation at no extra cost to the donor.